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"Dad bod" = Anti-Healthy

You've seen them or maybe you're one of them. You used to work out, be athletic and in shape but life kinda got busy and you got lazy. Maybe it was having kids, extra responsibilities at work, the drive to move up the ladder and make more $$$, or just being lazy and enjoying Netflix more than the great outdoors.

Now, you may still have the guns from working out occasionally but the mid-section is winning the growth challenge.

Whatever your excuse, it doesn't matter, it's not appealing and definitely not healthy. Fat around the belly is associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, stroke, cholesterol imbalance, as well as overall inflammation....

Does this mean you should spend more time at the gym or on the treadmill? Not necessarily. I'm not discouraging more exercise but like they say, "You can't out run a bad diet".

To get rid of the visceral fat, (fat around your mid-section surrounding your organs), you'll need to skip those bags of chips, late night ice cream binges, sweetened beverages ie. Double Grande Mocha Crappuccinos....

In general avoid or greatly reduce the Big Three: Vegetable/Seed oils, added sugars & flour.

If your great-grandparents weren't eating it, you probably shouldn't either.

In Health!


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