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My Services

My goal, when working together, is to help everyone achieve their optimal "Terrain".  We will work together to support the terrain of your body including: digestive health, mineral & vitamin balance, hydration, fatty acids, and blood sugar regulation.  By creating a Healthy Terrain, in ourselves, we are better able to handle the stresses the modern world may throw at us.  

"The Terrain is Everything"  Antoine Bechamp

Phone Case
Free 15-30 Minute Informational Discovery Phone Call

I'm more than happy to spend a few minutes discussing and deciding if Nutritional Therapy will be of benefit to you

Grilled Beef
Initial Interview &
Nutritional Assessment 
Questionnaire (NAQ)

This is where we take an intensive look at both your past and current states of health.  From here we will create short & long-term goals towards ultimate health.

Laptop and Diary Topview
Food/ Mood Journals

Three days of detailed food & feeling journaling will give us insight into the effects of your current dietary program and how it may be influencing your health.

Therapy Session
Evaluation & Lingual-Neuro Testing

Here I take a hands-on approach to assessing the areas the body is in need of strengthening through diet and possible supplementation. We will focus on the body's innate ability to recognize its own need for improvement towards health.

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