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The Path Forward

My friends and family laugh when I tell them I'm aging younger and counting down to 100 yrs instead of up, in truth I feel a million times healthier in my 50's than I ever did in my 40's or even 30's.  By focusing on what I put in and on my body I've been able to improve my overall health.  


After detoxing and healing at the cellular level we focus on a Paleo/Ancestral diet, believing many of our modern chronic diseases are a consequence of our S.A.D. diets (Standard American Diet).  

By eating what our genetics crave, our bodies are able to get back to a state of homeostasis enabling us to get everything out of life we deserve.


An ancestral diet includes whole nutrient-dense properly prepared foods while excluding foods of modern mass production. ie. processed grains, sugars, vegetable/seed oils, most products in boxes....  

Benefits of eating this way is: 

* Elimination of chronic pain

* Increased energy & libido

* Body aches disappear

* Clarity of focus & calmness

* Fat loss & better body composition

* Sound sleep

* Digestive health 

* Skin, nails, & hair are full and vibrant

Healthy genetically appropriate diets include: meats, low glycemic fruits and veggies, fatty fish, pork, poultry, organ meats, anything our Paleolithic ancestors would've hunted or gathered. Yes, you may enjoy coffee & and a little dark chocolate :)

I use my background as a teacher, nutritionist and a restauranteur of a Farm to Table restaurant along with my desire to eat quality foods to educate others on a proper ancestral diet for health and longevity.


My journey of discovery  continues and I look forward to bringing you along for the ride of discovery


In Health & Happiness,


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The 3 Pillars of Success

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