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About Me

Hi I'm Dave; a multiple business owner, former teacher & and a "retired" alcoholic, I've spent the last decade improving my health through research, personal experimentation, and training with the Nutritional Therapy Association. By diving deep into the underlying causes of cellular inflammation & focusing on my own diet, exercise routines, sleep habits and stress reduction I'm at a place in my life where I feel better & more energized than I ever have. I enjoy sharing the same protocols and lifestyle changes I've made with those who are interested in optimizing their health for a vibrant lifespan.  I believe life is not just about the length we live but the enjoyment we get out of the journey.

What is a FNTP?

A FNTP is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner...

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I use a variety of modalities to assess and support the body's innate ability to heal itself, including; a detailed intake history & reports, interviews, food & diet assessments as well as functional hands--on evaluations (functional clinical assessments, neural lingual and muscle testing) to find possible underlying deficiencies.  By supporting the body through a whole-food, nutrient dense & properly prepared diet with the inclusion of nutrient supplementation, when necessary, we are able to encourage the body to move towards ultimate health.  We will address where you lie on the spectrum of the Foundations of Health.

The Foundations:

* Nutriton

* Digestion

* Blood Sugar Regulation

* Fatty Acid Balance

* Mineral Balance

* Hydration

As part of my support I take a holistic bio-individual approach by focusing on my four pillars of Health; Nutrition, Movement & Exercise, Sleep & Rest, and Stress Management.

Cellular Health & Repair Solution™

Our Signature 16-week program, 

Helping You Resolve Your Chronic Health & Pain Issues at The Cellular Level 

So You Can Get Back to an Active Life


Without Intrusive Procedures or Interventions

My Services

Initial Consultation:

Initial Interview, Food Journals & NAQ (In person or Virtual)

We'll review and discuss your personal health history as well as your short and long term goals.  Included is the evaluation of a 3+ day Food & Mood Journal, you'll complete ahead of time.  We will also discuss the findings of your extensive (NAQ) Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire.

Approximately 90 minutes

Follow-Up Consultations &

Plan Adjustment Reviews

(In-person or Virtual)

We will discuss and revaluate your progress towards your short & long-term goals, answer questions, address concerns and accomplishments, re-evaluate and adjust your plan

Approximately 45-60 minutes (bi-weekly)

Functional Evaluation & LNT

(In person)

The Functional Clinical Assessment is a hands-on process which allows me to identify organ systems under stress and then prioritize support accordingly.

LNT (Lingual-Neuro Testing) accesses the body’s innate ability to discriminate between what it needs, and what it does not need, in order to correct a specific problem, for example, a weak organ or a nutritional deficiency. 

Through the use of both the FCA & LNT processes, we'll be able to take a deep dive into evaluating your specific areas of needed support.

Approximately 60-90 minutes

(FCA & LNT are billed as an additional Follow-up Consultation)

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